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Tour company “Stefani tourist" was established by Marionka Kokushinkova in 1990 .Has license nr.538 for tour operator and travel agent . Successfully developed in the tourism industry . Prodessionalism of staff and high service culture are leading tour agency priorities . The company is open for cooperation and agency activities with other licensed companies. “Stefani tourist “ place : domestic tourism /travel services offering of Bulgarian tourists in Bulgaria / ; outbound tourism / travel services offering of Bulgarian tourists abroad / ; inbound tourism / travel services offer foreign tourists visiting Bulgaria /. Member of the Association of Tourists Guides in Bulgaria with license nr. 458 , Association of Bulgarian tour operators and travel agents , Bulgarian Association of Tourist Agencies , Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism . Membre of the Union of Tourist Guides in Bulgaria , license nr. 1259 . Guiding offers services in all languages and Translation services : * Cabin / simultaneous translation/ • Consecutive interpreting * Accompanying translation “Stefani tourist “ all travel services for tourists and is available to them during their trip, holidays or event. “Stefani tourist” has taken out compulsory insurance ”Liability of tour operator” under the I A “Euro ins” Ltd – Sofia.